2017 Goal Check In

Earlier in the year I shared some Priorities and Boundaries for 2017. We are halfway through the year. How am I doing?

1. Raising kids who enjoy life. (Modeling downtime, valuing one-on one time with each child, finding things to do as a family that do not involve screens), batch cooking dinners ahead of time, so that I can enjoy my evenings more. 

A few months ago we got our middle daughter into karate which is something she had wanted to do for a while. Our oldest is involved in a theater production this summer. I have seen my kids enjoying life this summer swimming and playing and I think we are doing good with this Priority. 

2. Getting adequate sleep, approx 8 hours per night. 

Our youngest has been sleeping through the night consistently for a quite a few months now. With summer’s laid back schedule I often smoke a little and sit outside for an hour after the kids go to bed, but by and large, with my sleep uninterrupted, I feel like I’m getting enough sleep. 

3. Spending time in my garden weekly.

It’s over 100F this week, so this is not the time to be in the garden, but I did get plenty of time out there this spring.

4. Fostering deeper friendships by making time for social interaction. 

With our new neighbors being friends of ours, I’m getting more social time, which is good, but part of this goal is to socialize with different people intentionally, which, as far as I can recall, I have done monthly. This month I went bowling with 6 people from church, 2 old friends, 1 new friend and 2 people I do not know well. It was really fun. 

5. Frequent downtime to maintain mental health. 

See #2 above, smoking in the backyard.  Lol. 

6. Practice the mindful habit of acknowledging the value of my time each day, especially when I don’t get things done that I hope/plan to. 

I’m not entirely consistent with this, but on rough days, this mindfulness really helps. I often feel like I am doing too many things at once, or like I have way too much to do (laundry, cooking, work, checking in with kids, sex, budgeting, stupid errands…). On the days when I can’t get it all done, it helps to sit back and acknowledge how my time was spent. 

Today’s an unbearably hot summer day, so I don’t have a lot on the schedule. The younger two are watching cartoons and eating frozen bananas. My husband is at a movie with the oldest. Later I need to take her to buy shorts for her performance. I watered the plants this morning and spent some time writing, so the value in today is rest, relaxation and reflection.


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