What’s with all the Plant Photos? 

What’s with all the plant photos when this blog is not about plants?

I put photos of plants from my garden in my blog, because due to the content, it has to be an anonymous blog. I can’t say the things I say about my mom and about my cannabis use and then put a bunch of pictures of my kids on here. And honestly I think it is pretty short-sided and inconsiderate of parents to put pictures of their kids online in public formats, but that’s beside the point. I can’t give you my mom’s identity, because I haven’t asked her permission to write about her. But a blog needs pictures, so I put in pictures of my garden plants. They may seem unrelated, but I appreciate my garden as a place of mental calm. In the midst of an anxiety attack or questions about the future of my faith or health issues in my extended family, there’s a sense of contentment in the pollinators still pollinating, the plants growing and completing their natural life cycle.
That’s kind of the crux of the matter. Life can be full of upheaval and chaos, joy and sorrow, strength and weakness, pain and peace. Plants, especially annual flowers, give such a concise picture of a life cycle: from planting to the hope of sprouting to the work and waiting of growing to the glorious (or not so glorious) bloom to the drying and dying of the flower as the plant creates seeds, and thereby leaves a possibility of a future generation.

(Also, I am sorry that all my posts contain parenthesis.)


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